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Scott’s Books

Three genres to choose from

  • Wisdom Books 

These are books that are intended to provide an Aha moment for my readers; to teach a concept, to share insight, to make life better.

“The Give Away Book” is the first of many to come of these books. This book is a reminder of the contagious power of giving that everyone can do; giving a smile, offering encouragement, giving a warm hug to a cold heart, and many more.


  • Adventure Books

These are basically the books in the “Cloud Walkers” universe. These are generally for middle-grade plus readers, or those adults who still love clean, exciting fantasy. These books have serious tense moments and some scenes that are more thrilling than typically found in Middle School books, but lack the adult words and scenes that may be found in Young Adult fiction.

  • “Cloud Walkers Last Words” is a short story that predates the first book.
  • “Cloud Walkers” is the first book in the series.
  • “Cloud Killers” will be the second in the series.

There will be at least three books in this main series and two or three novellas.

  • Children’s Books

Children’s picture books are near and dear to my heart. These are the kinds of books I spent the most time reading to my children night after night.

  • “Sleepy Beach” is my original book and still one of my favorites. My biggest fans of this book are typically children five years old and under.