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"I can totally see this series as a movie. There's no reason Cloud Walkers won't be in theaters."

Early fan of the book and one of the first readers.

Shay could recite the Three Nevers in his sleep: Never Tell Never Show Never Night

What he didn’t realize was the chain of events that would happen when he broke all three Nevers in one summer. And just to impress one girl! Could he save the Cloud Walkers, and his family, from their mortal enemies before it was too late? Could he save himself? Would he figure out that protecting and saving yourself is useless if the cost is losing the people you love?

Under Construction


Cloud Walkers is currently under major changes. The cover you see here will be changed, the book has been re-written and my editor is finishing up with the final process.

I plan to have the entire new package, cover and book, completed in August.

Cloud Walkers is an answer to the question, “What would it be like to walk on clouds?”

Cloud Walkers is the story of a 15-year-old, who has grown up as a normal kid with a secret. He is a part of a hidden race on earth. They live and die like everyone else except they can and need to walk on clouds. It’s not a superpower to them. It’s just life.

The tension of the story is Shay’s desire to not be weird, or weak, and his best option to wow the girl he is attracted to is to reveal who he really is; a Cloud Walker. This is exactly what he is not supposed to do, yet he breaks all Three Nevers in one summer.

The Mammatus Concern is a group devoted to removing these unnatural cloud people from the earth, and their current director, Callidus, has a plan to solve this problem once and for all.

Under Construction