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The story is wonderful and the illustrations are so beautiful that they can almost tell the story on their own.

L. Eissler

Sleepy Beach is the most peaceful, good night, go to sleep, picturebook you could ever read. You know you’ve found the right book because it starts with the words “Close your eyes…”

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Reviews for Sleepy Beach!

“We just got back from a beach vacation and I thought this would be a nice bedtime story for my six-year-old. It brought a sweet smile to her face listening about the family on the beach. That smile turns to amazement when she looked closer at the illustrations, particularly her favorite one with the adults swimming in the warm water watching golden fish. Watch your child’s expressions as well. She gave it all five stars.” Rachel Horon – Amazon

“Great book for sending your kids or grand-kids to slumber land with superb artwork filling the entire pages. Reminds me in some respects of the classic “Goodnight Moon” by Margaret Wise Brown, both being very nice books for reading to the wee ones just before tucking them into bed. Very good book!”  Don Kidwell – Top 1000 Reviewer

“The story begins with the “narrator” telling you to close your eyes, I’d imagine this is to better encourage the young readers to envision what they’re being read by their parents. From here we follow the family as they have the most wonderful day at the beach. But as the day came to an end and the sunset on their family outing, instead of returning home they stayed on the beach to sleep under the starry night. A sleepy family. A sleepy sun. A sleepy fish. A sleepy island. A sleepy dog. A sleepy beach. A sleepy treehouse. The last page of the story tells the young reader to listen closely and they can hear the sound of the waves… shhh…shhh…shhh. The story is wonderful and the illustrations are so beautiful that they can almost tell the story on their own. For any readers out there reading this review, if you have young children that struggle to fall asleep or love calming stories like Sleepy Beach. I recommend you pick it up.” L. Eissler

“What a beautifully written book for young children.
Take a step back away from cell phones and other distractions and enjoy warm, happy thoughts.
I enjoyed the Island, sleepy fish, family, and dog. It’s wonderful to share the art of story-telling, and this author has done a great job. The illustrations are wonderful and take you right to the place in the story.” Review – Diane Dean White

“Are you tired of reading the same old bedtime stories? Please read this book! It’s so cute! My family loves the beach and the peace it brings us. I am so glad I bought this book to share with my kids. 2 thumbs up!” Review – Reanda

“I have three small boys under the age of 8 that I frequently watch. These boys are full of energy and rarely ever stay still, but one foolproof way to calm them down before bedtime is to read them a bedtime story. However, they are connoisseurs of good bedtime stories, and not many books pass the test. Thankfully, I always have a copy of Sleepy Beach with me, and it works every time. Sleepy Beach is a refreshing new perspective on a bedtime story. It is one of those classic stories that never gets old. No matter how many times I look through it, I notice something new, a different detail, every single time. The illustrations are gorgeous, the words are soothing, and the story is unforgettable. It is perfect for children of all ages. This book deserves a permanent spot on your bookshelf!” Review – Ashyln

Illustrator: Jill Reed

Jill Edgecomb Reed is the most amazing illustrator and perfect for Sleepy Beach. Her multi-layered, watercolor pictures are incredibly beautiful and the book barely captures the 3D imagery she created.