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You need this book if you are a homeowner or ever plan to be one day. I have attempted to answer all of your questions that relate to real estate appraisal, such as; what recourse do you have with a bad appraisal, how to get a free (mostly) appraisal to find out your own homes value, how to get the top dollar far your home from your appraiser, what to expect when the appraiser shows up, what you should and should not say to the appraiser when they are their, smarts for buying a home, selling a home and investing, and many more. I added Case Studies to almost every page; stories of my personal appraisal experience in the field, without the specific homeowner details.

I know that every reader of this book has the opportunity to save thousands of dollars because of the few simple principles that are covered. You owe it to yourself to read this BEFORE you have a real estate 'accident', instead of finding out AFTER all of the money has been spent and lost.

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