Stop Spending Money On That House!

Stop Spending Money On That House!

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What Is "Stop Spending $$ On That House!" All About?


I have been in the residential real estate appraiser business for about 15 years and have been inside roughly 3,500 plus homes in four states. Homeowners figure out that they have spent too much money on additions, renovations, updates, exterior amenities and many other features after my appraisal is complete. I truly want this report to be a resource to people before they regret spending money. This is my way of being your appraisal resource.


Who Should Read This?


In this report, you'll find information that is beneficial for all homeowners in general. These are things every person should know if they will ever own, buy, or sell a home. This applies even if the home is a townhome, a cabin in the woods, a modular, or a mid-rise condo.


What Are The Benefits Of This Report?


There are principles included in this report that will guide you in making the right decisions when you are thinking about spending money on your home. You could save multiple thousands of dollars by reading this report if you are about to: build a shed, add a garage, finish the basement, add a new roof so you can sell the house, renovate the kitchen, gut and replace the bathroom, just to name a few. I've included several real life examples to illustrate these concepts.

If you realize, after reading this report, that you don't need an appraisal after all, then you will at least save yourself the cost of getting an appraisal. That's typically $350 - $550.

If you do have an appraisal this information will help you get the best result from the appraisal process.