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Everything is a Story

Is there a story in the dull and ordinary of life?

What story are you living?

I was walking through a large gas station the other day (I think it is more accurately called a convenience mart) and heard a soulful, Ray Charles song. It stopped me in my tracks. There’s something that grips your heart when you hear someone literally pouring out their passion. That kind of thing almost brings tears to my eye. Alright, it actually does. When I think about it, everything is a story. Every song is a story that someone is singing, every movie is a story that many people are acting, even your life is a story that you are carrying out.


This push mower appears to have rolled itself up to the pump. I couldn’t find any people about that were tending to it and the ludicrous situation made me laugh. There’s an unknown story somewhere in this scene.

I recently told a child that their current situation, frustration and all of the problems that they were dealing with was a story they were writing! They are not married, they don’t have debts (to speak of), there’s no job that they have to stay with. From my vantage point, it is so easy to see that they have incredible liberty to simply re-write their story.

Just stop and think. Are we as more ‘mature’ adults any different? Why do we continue in a ‘story scene’ that makes us unhappy, as though we don’t have the freedom to change it? I don’t mean to say that being married and having children is being in bondage. It’s just easier to see the total freedom that teenage children having without needing to provide for others.

Are we so unlike the massive elephants that are tied with tiny ropes? They can snap those in a moment but are convinced otherwise. If it is possible for us to change our story, the current or future scenes of our lives, then we actually responsible for the stories we are living in.

I am attempting to re-write my story with every book I create and each little step I take in the fulfillment of this dream. I hope to inspire you as well to take hold of your story and figure out where you want it to go.

Scott Harpole

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