The Give Away Book: Little Kid Package ~ Big Kid Message ... A Contagious Reminder About Giving

What is this book about?
Giving changes everything. It moves us from the needy to the blessed. Being a giver shifts us from big kids with a list of wants, to grateful hearts recognizing the good things we already have! 
We want you to read the book, enjoy it and then...give it away! That's really all there is to it. It's a book to remind us about the value of giving, to show us that we all have something to give and for the express purpose of passing it on from one person to the next.                  Give a little light


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Little Kid Package - Big Kid Message ; A Contagious Reminder About Giving 

I've called this a little kid package with a big kid message so that readers understand that this is a book for adults as well as kids, even though it looks like a children's book. We all need to be reminded about the wonderful simplicity of giving. 


You Have Only One Mission, Should You Chose To Accept It ... Give "The Give Away Book" Away Today
After you have purchased the book, you have only one job: read it and give it away! Click here to follow the link to Amazon. Giving your positive review in Amazon would be wonderful as well.
Our hope is that these books will make their way around the globe, from hand to hand, friend to friend, and it will be amazing to see where your book has traveled. Make sure to add at least your name and the name of the person you gave it away to, to the list in the back of the book. You might also want to add the location and the date you gave the book away in there as well away in there as well. Give Goodness Away


Praise for The Give Away Book:
Scott - Thanks so much for writing and for sending your precious little book about Giving!  I read it five times and I have already Given it away per your instructions!!! I think you should write more and make this a whole series!

"Scott Harpole understands that "life's greatest possessions are those which when shared, multiply; those which when divided are not diminished!"
In his brilliant little book, The Give Away Book, he reminds us that giving produces endorphins in humans that nothing else can or does in quite the same way.
More than anything else, it is what makes us human. Find this book, read it, give to someone, and then give the book away. You will be glad you did."
Marc Pollick
President and Founder
The Giving Back Fund

"The Give Away Book is a light, fun way to impart values of generosity to kids big and small. I asked my 3 yr old if she liked it and she said, "Yes. We should give it to Aunt M" (her favorite aunt.) Mission accomplished!"
Jen Boynton
Editor in Chief
“The Give Away Book reminds us that giving is part of what makes us human. There are many kinds of giving but in every case a gift is a simple reminder that we care about one another.”
Jacob Harold
CEO of GuideStar - A Nonprofit Information Service
“A very little book with a very big message.”
 Bob Burg, coauthor of The Go-Giver
“A delightful reminder that the most important gifts are things we can all give - whether young or old.” 
Dan Miller, New York Times bestselling author, 48 Days to the Work You Love
"My dad always taught me the more you give, the more you receive. Scott's book not only gives the reader an opportunity to give, but reminds us all of the simple power of giving. Grab a copy. Enjoy. Then, give it away."
Dan T. Cathy, Chairman & CEO, Chick-fil-A
About the Illustrator: Ashlyn Huttegger
Every page was drawn by Ashlyn, including the words. She is a budding author, with some of her writings in the process of being completed. She was drawing for a different book project that caused her Aunt Jenn to recommend her for this project! It has taken her many months, lots of trial and error, and learning some new app skills to complete the drawings you see throughout.
When we met, I told her that I wanted a combination of the characters from Dumb Ways To Die, mixed with Shel Silverstien's drawings. She drew lots of possibilities until we found a character that I loved. We call them Givits and she's created hundreds of them. If you look closely, you can find tons of fun little Givits in the picture below. Give Applause