Stop Spending Money On That House!

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What is "Stop Spending Money On That House!" all about?
I have been in the residential, real estate appraiser business for about 15 years and have been inside roughly 3,500 plus homes in four states. Homeowners figure out that they have spent too much money on additions, renovations, updates, exterior amenities and many other features after my appraisal is complete. I truly want this report to be a resource to people before they regret spending money. This is my way of being your appraiser source.
Who Should Read This?
In this report, you'll find information that is beneficial for all homeowners in general. These are things every person should know if they will ever own, buy, or sell a home, even if that is a town home, a cabin in the woods, a modular, or a mid-rise condo.
What is the benefit of this report?
If you don't need an appraisal, and there are very sound reasons for not getting one, then you will at least save the appraisal cost. That's typically $350 - $550. You might be about to get an appraisal and this information will either stop you or help you get the best result.
Additionally you can actually save multiple thousands of dollars if you are about to; build a shed, add a garage, finish the basement, add a new roof so you can sell the house, renovate the kitchen, gut and replace the bathroom, etc. There are principles included that will guide in making the right decisions. I've included several real life examples to illustrations these concepts.

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Interview with the Author:

Q: Why did you write this book?

A: I have been appraising homes for 15 years and I seldom get to tell anyone the things they need to know about spending money on their home. Usually, I appraise homes for lenders and I have to be careful what I say because I am working for them not the homeowner.

Q: Why are the top questions homeowners ask?

A: How much does a house appraisal cost? How long does a home appraisal take? Do I have any recourse for a bad appraisal? What is a house appraiser looking for? I am renovating: How can I make my house appraise at a high value? Saving is important. How can I remodel and get the most money back? If the appraisal comes back in low can we renegotiate the purchase agreement? How long after the appraisal can we expect to close? We financed a house and it appraised for much less. What can we do? Are house appraisals higher or lower than the market value? What if the house appraisal sqft is less than the listing amount? What are our options if the appraisal is lower than the house I made an offer on? What is the house appraisal value with basement finished? The appraiser is coming to my house today. What should I fix or how clean should it be?

Q: What are your qualifications?

A: I have appraised roughly 6,000 houses, in four states, over the past 15 years and I currently own my own appraisal company as an FHA, State Certified appraiser. I have helped people with these situations; buying a house, selling a house, investing, refinancing, renovations, remodeling, adding on and just fixing it up.

Q: What is your intention for this book?

A: I want this to be financial guide for homeowners and those that want to buy a home, so that they save their hard earned money instead of losing it. People are concerned about being rich and making money but generally do not understand how much money they can lose by over improving their house.

Q: What are the main things you cover in the book?

A: I talk about how to fix a bad appraisal, how to get an appraisal for free (mostly), understanding what is a reasonable amount to spend when renovating or remodeling, what do to when the appraise comes for the inspection, what to know about buying and selling a house, what I have learned from investors and those that want to own rental houses, and especially what has actually happened in the field while I was appraising homes.

I call these Case Studies and I tell the stories of real events so you can avoid the mistakes of others. I wish the best for you in your real estate appraisal journey.