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I know the question. What's the answer?

Fear. Frustration. Worry. Uncertain times. Sickness. Injustice.

That’s our new normal. The world many people either live in or at least touch every once in a while. I don’t know what’s going to happen, how it will all work out, when it will be better, or if it will ever get back to normal.

That’s a bucket full of questions that hang in the air without an echo. No reply. No satisfactory response.

“The Give Away Book” is at least a part of the answer. Maybe not a global answer or a national answer, but at least a very personal, my-footprint-in-the-world kind of answer.

Imagine if everyone read the book as though it was their weekly directions, marching orders, a how-to on making your world a better place? Think about the simple parts of the book and envision how our lives, homes, jobs, schools, communities, and government would be different.

Give your smile. Give a light in a dark place. Give some applause. Give kindness. Give a lift to someone that’s down low. Give a warm hug for a cold heart. Give away your life for your friends. 

Now that right there, that’s a fantastic answer. Might be just a good place to start. You think?



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