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The Real People

Can you actually talk to Famous people?

In creating ‘The Give Away Book‘, I became convinced that the book seriously needed social proof. Some podcast or another talked about using the approval of the ‘famous and expert’ to show the worth of an unknown book.

The book is about the power of simple everyday giving, so I made a list of 100 giving people and organizations across the globe. I sweated over the perfect writing of my request, knowing that it was tough for a stranger to ask anything, and sent out my emails.

Emails were sent to companies that had specific charities, like the Bill and Melinda Gate’s Foundation, President Clinton, the Pope, Chick-fil-a’s CEO, Tim Tebow, Darren Hardy, and 94 others.

An amazing thing happened. Some of these big-name people actually talked to me. These people seemed to be way out there, beyond the scope of normal folks, but they took the time to write to me. It was shocking to really hear from them. Some of them said no, (10 said yes) but I was still so humbled that they would take a moment to actually tell me that. For example:

Dan Ariely, of TED talk fame and the author of amazing books, emailed back and said that although he would love to give me a blurb, he was inundated with books and was having trouble getting his actual work finished. He signed off saying “Hopefully, one day you’ll be so famous that you won’t be able to give away blurbs.”

Bob Burg, the author of one of the best books in the world,The Go Giver,’ and an amazingly effective speaker, leader, and writer, responded by asking me about my project and offered a fantastic blurb.

Seth Godin, the most famous name in business books, leadership, and an amazingly productive man, immediately wrote me back. I mean, within 15 minutes! He said that he was too busy to be able to give my book an honest review. I was shocked and wrote him right back, thanking him for his kindness and amazing promptness. He acted like it wasn’t a big deal. I saved that rejection email forever, like a trophy. I reached out to Seth Godin and he talked to me.


Dan Miller, one of my top influencers, a hero to all entrepreneurs, creator of an amazing weekly podcast, a thought leader for our generation and author of 48 Days, was incredibly kind and sent me a perfect blurb.

Dan T. Cathy, the chairman & CEO of Chick-fil-A and someone that truly spends his life and monies giving to others, was more difficult to reach but was very happy to send me a blurb. Maybe one of my most amazing blurbs on the book, in both content and that it came from the head of Chick-fil-a.

Marc Pollick the President and Founder of The Giving Back Fund, an internationally known speaker and writer on giving, and someone who connects with Hollywood stars to help them give was extremely encouraging. He gave me a beautiful blurb and then wrote, “Scott, Thanks so much for writing and for sending your precious little book about Giving! I read it five times and I have already given it away per your instructions!!! I think you should write more and make this a whole series!?”

Jacob Harold, the CEO of GuideStar – A Nonprofit Information Service, a powerful author, leader of grant-making foundations and giver, wrote two blurbs for the book.

And finally, Jen Boynton, the former Editor in Chief of TriplePundit, a company known for giving back, and a woman that is constantly volunteering and helping others, asked for a physical copy of the book and wrote a perfect blurb.

These turned out to be real people! Not just some famous name on a marquee, or running a major company, or leading 100’s of thousands of people if not millions. It seems like some of these people are actually great because they are approachable. I like them even more because they are real humans.


  1. E. Ayers says:

    That is so great. Can’t wait to read the book!

    1. Thanks! Let me know what you think.

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